Relax in the luxurious surroundings  of our poolside spa facilities. Whether you want to sooth aches and pains from a tough workout in the gym, wind down after a round of golf, or just to get away from the hussle and bustle of daily life, the tranquil and  pure poolside spa facilities will melt away the strains on your body and soul, and leave you feeling refreshed.


Jacuzzi/Spa Pool

Let warm water jets of the Spa Pool gently massage your body while improving circulation, relaxing your muscles and relieving stress.





The wood lined cabin of the Sauna with dry heats of upto 100 degrees will leave you feeling invigorated, improving circulation whilst relieving minor aches and pains.




Steam Room

A trip to the Steam Room, with its gentle wet heat, will alleviate tense muscles, deeply cleanse the skin of toxins, and leave you feeling calm and relaxed.





Our beautiful spa and swimming pool facilities are included in the price of Golf and Health & Fitness Memberships! Take advantage of this fantastic opportunity with family and friends today!

Call our Membership Team on 01732 833 833.