Just to say a BIG thank you for arranging such a fun event on New Year's Eve. The food was excellent, the DJ very good and our table was lovely! Well done and thank you once again.

Thanks very much for organising such a great New Year's Eve party. Everyone in our group had a really lovely time.

What a great time we had at Nizels’ NYE party last night. The food was great, the staff brilliant and the DJ fantastic. We danced our way into the new year along with everyone else! Please pass on our thanks to all who were involved in making it such a success.

Our party thoroughly enjoyed last our New Year’s Eve do. It was a happy event with good food and friendly, attentive staff. Please send our thanks out to all involved.

My daughter Sophia has been attending Phil's swimming lessons for over a year and we could not be happier.  Phil's enthusiasm and unwavering dedication to his students is such an asset to the club.  Sophia eagerly looks forward to her lesson each week and her technique and stamina have improved greatly.  Phil has the unique ability to connect with each of the students to motivate and improve their swimming whilst making each lesson achievable and fun.

Sara P

Having been a member of Nizels for almost 8 years I would like express my appreciation to the staff and members for making each and every visit a pleasure to look forward to. First impressions are always important and these are provided by the Reception Team who always give a warm welcome. The greenkeeping team work tirelessly to present the course in the best possible condition and provide us with probably the best greens in Kent. The course itself always presents welcome challenges to golfers at all levels. This year's club refurbishment has greatly improved the bar areas. None of this would be possible without the understanding and cooperation of the Management Team, who work closely with staff and members to provide the excellent service and facilities we all benefit from.

Kevin L

Becky, Abbey and the rest of the team are fantastic with the children they care for.  My daughter has been going to the creche since she was 1 year old and she loves it.  We went through a stage when she wasn’t quite so happy to be separated from me but Becky and Abbey were fantastic with her. They are excellent at making the children feel cared for and safe. My daughter is so happy to head off to the walkers section without giving me a backward glance - maybe a wave goodbye if I’m lucky! She loves all the art projects they do and misses the creche when we are away.

Emma S

As a regular member’s guest playing at Nizels over the past 3 years, the entire experience is always welcoming, enjoyable and at a very reasonable price. The course is maintained all year in a superb condition with minimal use of temporary greens or tees. In fact, the greens must be some of the best in Kent. The team always provide a most welcoming environment. Overall, Nizels continues to be a regular choice for golfers of all standards.

Roger S

I have been a member at Nizels for more than 10 years. A great bunch of fellow members with probably the best greens in the county.

Allan P

The crèche at Nizels has played a critical part in my little one getting through her clingy phase. When I first started dropping her off in January she would cry and cry, which made me feel terrible. The crèche ladies were so supportive, and over time she has become much more confident. Although some days she is still clingy, she so enjoys her time there. Sometimes I watch her from reception before she's spotted me and I can see her having loads of fun. When I pick Emily up, I will often get a little low-down on who or what she's played with and whether she got upset. The fact that the staff go above and beyond to give this information is testament to how much they care. Your child is not just a headcount, they really are cared for. It's the ladies who work there, who love their jobs and genuinely love children, that make it what it is. I have put Emily in two other creches and she is by far happiest in this one. Congratulations and thank you to the crèche team, without whom we would really be lost!

Louise F

I love my aerobics class on a Friday. It is the highlight of my week! Loads of fun and to round off the class I have a lovely coffee with my Nizels friends.

Sharon R

We really love the club. The dance classes are great and I also find the Pilates and Swiss ball classes are good and useful. I’m looking forward to getting back into Running Club in the Spring. My husband loves his spin classes and we both enjoy coffee with friends.

Carol F

I enjoy the dance classes, Pilates and Yoga and thoroughly enjoy the social aspects of the club. Kieron is an excellent coach in the gym as he helps and motivates me.

Heather G

I started training at Nizels five months ago, with the goal of gaining muscle and getting stronger. I find it a relaxed and friendly place to work out. This is important for me as it makes training feel like less of a chore, and more of an enjoyable experience. I have made excellent progress towards my goals – my body fat has dropped by 5%, and I've gained 5kg in muscle weight at the same time.

Harry S

Last year I retired after a lifetime of building. I started fishing as well as other sedentary hobbies, slowly putting on weight and developing a beer gut! I felt a lot weaker and had less energy than I have had for years. Four months ago I joined Nizels, having never set foot in a gym in my life. I struggled with some of the exercises on my first programme but found I had progressed at every review. I am now able to do 6 Pull Ups and 10 bodyweight Tricep Dips! I feel so much stronger, fitter and healthier than I have in a long time, and the beer gut has now disappeared too! Seeing the amazing results keeps me motivated. The gym staff are really enthusiastic and have kept me inspired throughout my first 4 months here, I look forward to setting some new targets in the gym!

Stuart OH

After being involved in a car crash in 2016, I was unable to sit at a desk or walk for around 5 months. Since having physiotherapy I have noticed a big improvement. I joined Nizels in December 2016 and they created a programme to strengthen and support areas after some of the injuries I sustained. Through the help and motivation of Billy and Emily they have helped me see massive progression! I have just recently had an updated programme set up for me to help promote muscle gain and build on the foundations of my recovery. On my induction my recorded weight was 10 stone, this has now increased to 11 and my next goal is to reach 12 with a reduction in body fat and an increase in muscle.

Kieron B