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Health News

Training with a Friend

Training with a buddy can make workouts more fun! You can incorporate partner based exercises, try your friend’s favourite exercises and even add some competition to your workouts to help change things up and keep exercising interesting.

Having a friend with you whilst training helps keep you safe and encourages progress. Your friend can spot you during heavier lifts, make sure your form is good throughout, motivate you to push yourself when you need to and hold you accountable!

As a pair you can also split the cost of a personal trainer, making it more affordable, fun and you can make progress together! For groups of 2, we offer single sessions for £27.50 per person, and we also offer blocks of 10 sessions at a discount for £215 each person!

Members of the Month – Penny & Langley Gifford

Penny and Langley both visit the club at least 5 times a week where they do spin classes, Pilates and regularly workout in the gym with weights. Their programmes have been supported by the gym instructors and are reviewed and updated regularly.

They advocate a healthy lifestyle of which exercise, built into a daily routine, plays a significant part in. Along with a healthy balanced diet, walking, dancing and living life to the full. They find training together helps meet personal exercise goals and maintains motivation.

It goes to show, if you workout with a friend or partner that you are more inclined to stick to your routine and push yourself further.

Let’s Move for a Better World

Stay active for the next 6 weeks and sign up for our ‘Let’s Move for a Better World’ campaign. You collect MOVES by using your Technogym key or connected apps and this goes towards our Club tally. If we reach 3 million Moves, we get to donate Technogym products and solutions to a local school. Let’s move, keep motivated and help!

We also have our brand-new challenge board, and the wellness team will be coming up with some challenges for you to push yourself a bit more in your sessions.