Working Out During Pregnancy

Working out during pregnancy

Meet Charlotte Ovenell, otherwise known as Charlie. Charlie is a member of Nizels and is a regular in our studio classes, particularly Body balance.
As you can see from the photo, she is expecting what will be her second child.

Charlie is a perfect example of the modern way of thinking that not only is exercise good for you at any time but it can play a vital role throughout pregnancy and will have a positive effect in many ways.

Body Balance is a fusion of Yoga and Pilates set to music and all the moves can be beneficial to the pregnant participant, as much as it is to anyone else, using flowing moves to stay strong and healthy throughout pregnancy and hopefully this will lead to a quick and uneventful labour and speedy recovery back to full strength.

Of course, there are certain adaptations that will need to be made as the female body changes, always taking into account the physical, emotional and hormonal differences on a day to day basis.

We wouldn’t advise taking up any new or untried activities during pregnancy but if a participant has been taking classes or going to the gym prior to this then there is every reason to continue.

Charlie found that she had issues with dizziness and understandably went through a stage of feeling very tired. Accordingly, on these days she didn’t feel so good she rested more and exercised less and now she’s nearly in her third trimester she is feeling much better and as you can see in the photo far more “balanced”

All of our instructors and gym instructors will be happy to talk to any participants during pregnancy and adapt exercises.