Welcome Billy


Hi, I’m Billy Domeney, I’m 19 years old and I’ve been in the world of fitness for just under a year, however I have been training in Karate and Kick Boxing for over 10 years. In my short time in the fitness industry I have been able to help numerous people reach their goals whatever they may be, for example weight loss, to gain muscle or simply stay in shape and maintain a certain level of fitness.

From my previous experience with Karate and Kick Boxing I love using HIIT training routines to really make clients feel as if they are working hard and using their time in the gym effectively to move forward in their fitness goals.

I am the new addition to the Nizels gym team and have already helped numerous members in their goals and ambitions they wish to achieve with the club. I believe that with the correct mind set and the determination to reach your goals anything is possible and Nizels is the perfect place to achieve what you want. Feel free to come and talk to me so that I can make your experience at the club even better.