Have you downloaded the MYWELLNESS App?

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MyWellness App allows you to track activities and exercises you do in the gym or outdoors. It will help you to achieve your sporting, fitness and health goals in a quick, easy and fun way. You can also connect your favourite exercise App (Strava, Garmin, Fitbit, MapMyFitness, MyFitnessPal, Polar, Apple Health) and record all your sporting and lifestyle results in one place.

You can check your results and monitor your progress at home or in the gym, see how active you are, check your body measurements and challenge yourself to set personal records. MyWellness uses MOVEs to measure how active you are, the higher the intensity, the higher the MOVEs per minute. This allows you to compare your activity with your friends and challenge them for fun or challenge yourself daily, can you do the recommended 1000 moves a day?

If you need any help with the App or would like any further information please ask one of our Wellness team. We look forward to hearing how you are getting on with your MOVEs.