Member Reminders


We would like to encourage all our members to take care when using Nizel’s Lane and to be aware of all other road users, including pedestrians, runners, cyclists and horses.

May we also please remind users of our car parks and approaches that there is a 5mph speed limit within these areas. Please be courteous of others by parking within the designated spaces and remember that the parent and child spaces are restricted between the hours of 8.30am and 7.00pm Monday to Sunday to the use of families with children under the age of 5.

Please also be aware the changing rooms will only accept the new £1 in the lockers. The old silver Club Company tokens and the red plastic tokens no longer fit and will get jammed.

A final reminder to all users of the pool and spa areas that before and after using any of these facilities, a shower be taken to wash off any perfumes or oils ,etc. No oils must be used in this area other than the ones provided by the Company.

We appreciate your co-operation in helping us to keep your Club a great, safe environment for all to enjoy.