I used to weigh about 100kg and managed to lose 35kg by following a well balanced diet and working out. I kept the weight off for 5 years and then fell pregnant with my now 2-year-old son. Not having worked out, putting myself second and eating too much left me very overweight. Wendy has been a huge support since I started my mission to get back to my old weight. She taught me all about the importance of nutritional food and being active. She even called me to remind me that I haven't been to the gym for a while! I am 6 weeks into my new healthy lifestyle and have lost 8kg (just over 1 stone). I am sure I have lost more in inches as I am already feeling good in my skin. Wendy, you are an amazing and very inspiring trainer!

Joelma B

I was about to cross the line into morbid obesity and I knew I needed to take serious action. After several false starts over the last decade I made sure I did some serious research. This research led me to a programme of nutritional change and an exercise regime focused around functional training, circuit training and high intensity interval training. I knew that the membership of a decent gym - Nizels - would help me achieve this. I lost 5kg in the first 9 days and I knew that I needed to follow though. In the last eleven months I have lost 46kg (around 7stone) and I'm getting close to my ideal weight. My aim has been to get to the gym 5 evenings a week. If you workout at high intensity, the weight just falls off. I've also managed to maintain and even build lean muscle mass but I expect to build more once I have lost the rest of the weight.

Phill N

I have been a member at Nizels for two and a half years and spend the majority of my time in the gym. I like to try and get to the gym 3-4 times a week to balance my busy lifestyle. I mainly base my workouts around cycling. My biggest achievement was completing the virtual Tour de France, covering 3100km in 9 months. Since the new equipment has ben installed I have started using the watt bikes. I have improved my 10k sprint time every time I have been on it which is a great achievement for me.

David M

Since starting at Nizels, my Wellness Advisor James has really helped me with weight training! At first I was quite unsure and nervous about using weights but with James' coaching I now love it and wouldn't go without it. Every couple of weeks we had a review and he introduced me to new exercises. I have really noticed the difference in my body and strength. I love being able to feel the difference it makes and seeing the effect it has on my body

Jo R

I have run the London Marathon 14 times since 1984. My best time was achieved in 2004 at 3 hours 22seconds. I have had many operations over the years including two arthroscopy and I'm still currently ranked nationally second in my age group for 5k and 10k distances. I have been encouraged and supported by the Wellness Advisors at Nizels so a big thank you, particularly to Wendy!

Sally M